Run Mac Os Tiger on Win Xp with detailed illustrated steps.

Before running Mac Os Tiger on your Windows Xp be sure that you have the following ready

VMWare 5 or above
Mac OS X Tiger x86:
512 MB of RAM ( for a decent performance)

Authorized users can get it from Apple but you can also get this file from torrent websites like . You have to give in the keyword “VMWare files for patched Mac Os X Tiger Intel “ and you have to Select a healthy torrent and download this 1.28 GB file . The file name is usually tiger-x86.tar.bz2. But this is illegal.


1.) After downloading the above files. Unrar the tiger-x86.tar.bz2 (Mac OS X Tiger x86) file on a partition which has more than 10 gb of free space. To unrar we can use Winrar program.

For example: Unrar the tiger-x86.tar.bz2 in (your_partition):\Mac\ . For my convenience I have named it D:\Mac . You can use what ever partition you need provided that the partition has more than 10 gb of free space.

2.)After we unrar the tiger-x86.tar.bz2 we will get 13 files in D:\Mac\tiger-x86 folder
i.) Floppy - A flash project file
ii.) Other - A VMware configuration file
iii.) Other.nvram – NVRAM file
iv.) Other.vmsd – VMSD file
v.) tiger-x86 – VMWare virtual disk file
vi.) tiger-x86 – VMWare configuration file.
vii.) tiger-x86.nvram – NVRAM file
viii.) tiger-x86.vmsd –VMSD file
ix.) tiger-x86-flat – image (img) file – This is approx 6 GB
x.) vmware, vmware-0, vmware-1,vmware-2 – four text documents. So all together 13 files

3.)Now launch VMWare workstation 5

When we launch VMWare workstation 5 we get 3 options
i.) New Virtual Machine
ii.) New Team
iii.) Open existing VM or team

Select the New Virtual Machine option . We will get a New Virtual Machine Wizard. Click Next in the wizard.

4.) Then we will get Virtual Machine Configuration tab and there will be two options
ii.)Custom – Select the custom radio button option and click Next

5.) Next we will get Virtual machine format tab and again there will be two options
i.) New Workstation 5
ii.) Legacy.
Select the first option that is New Workstation 5 option and Click Next

6.) Next we will get the Guest Operating system tab. In this tab select Other as the guest operating system and in the version box select Other and click Next

7.) Next we will get the Name the virtual machine tab. In the virtual machine name text box enter Tiger. And in the location box browse to D:\Mac\tiger-x86 and click Next

8.) Now we will get a warning window

Click Yes and proceed to the next tab.

9.) Next we have to specify the amount of memory we have to allocate to this virtual machine . Atleast specify 256 MB or more and then click Next.

10.) Next we will get the Network Type tab .
Here select Don’t use a network connection tab.

Click Next

11.) Then we have to select the I/O Adapter types

Select Bus logic and Click Next

12 .) Next we will get Select a Disk tab.

Here select use an existing virtual disk ( second option) and click Next

13.) Next we will get a browse window and we have to select tiger-x86.vmdk file and click Next

14.) Now everything is configured to run Mac OS X Tiger on your Windows PC. Before running go to Edit -> Preferences - > Memory tab . Select the (Fit all machine memory into reserved host RAM) option.

15.) Then in Edit - > Preferences -> Priority tab . Select

16.) Now everything is ready. Click this button in your VMWare main window

And be patient for some minutes depending upon your system configuration , your Mac Os gets loaded on your system. And great now you have Mac OS X Tiger on your Windows Platform.Gr8.

If you want more detailed explanations just mail to . I will try my level best to solve your queries.

Next we will learn how to install Mac Os on Intel systems. Bye .


Blogger zeus said...

Good Work Fella !
Will try that soon .

Also If possible suggesst something for the real Install . Understand , Real , Not this VMware thingee .

Good Jpb Mr .

8:21 AM  
Blogger Ginesh said...

Beginners please don Do this...
Its Something advanced....

6:36 AM  
Blogger varun said...

hey dude i downloaded that tiger 86 x file from the torrent spy ..and it did not contain those 13 just had one file extracted for 6gb and the format of that file was .OUT ....its not running in vmware...wht shud i do now?

10:53 PM  

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